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Senza Tema 2
various authors
from 21 April to 30 September 2022

Futurism was a movement that brought a significant change in the perception of reality and the space-time (relationship). Through the representation of the dynamism of figures in space, the Futurists have in fact attempted to go beyond objective, categorical reality, to investigate the becoming of form in its immanent reality. According to Boccioni, "objects move towards infinity in all directions, thanks to some lines of force of an energetic matrix, inclined to measure the continuity of things in space. Matter will be redeemed from its inertia by placing first the idea of transcendent to the immanent; space, therefore, cannot be considered an inherent void, a fixed and immutable entity in which objects are found, but will rather be the very form that the self gives to the experience of the continuity of reality: as space-time, therefore, will become an integral part of the dynamic form” (Arte y arquitectura futuristas (1914-18) Murcia 2002).

The contribution of the futurists, more current than ever, was precisely this: to make us understand the dynamic impression of the body and the environment, since we live in symbiosis with the objects we use, building the space in which we exist by ourselves.

Luciano Fabale