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Mother of the Futurists
Various artists
6-9 May 2022

From 6 to 9 May the historic Bulgari shop in Via dei Condotti, in collaboration with the "Futurism & Co. Art Gallery, celebrates the thousand facets of the female universe by hosting a selection of paintings by early twentieth century masters: Giacomo Balla and his daughter Elica Balla, Joan Miró, Andrè Masson, Fortunato Depero, Enrico Prampolini, Giulio D'Anna, Roberto Marcello Baldessari and De Pistoris.

Elegant, sensual, radiant and self-confident, the women portrayed by these great artists express the dynamism and charisma of incredibly modern muses still today. In Depero, D'Anna, De Pistoris, Prampolini and Baldessari, vibrant touches of color combine with hypnotic geometric decompositions that invite the eye to a captivating game of inversion of points of view and perspectives.

They are women who look to us and to the future with the awareness of their desires. In Giacomo Balla's lyrical composition, a skilful play of lights immortalizes the quiet sweetness of the painter's wife Elisa who accompanies and encourages the enthusiasm of her daughter Luce as she learns to read. The first steps in the culture of little Luce are contrasted by the young woman portrayed by the painter's second child, the artist Elica Balla: the red dress, the willful pose and the disenchanted gaze reveal her ready to face the challenges of life with all the enthusiasm of his personal style. Finally, the essential and powerful features of Masson and Miró outline the infinite mystery of the female body, which, in the duality of the dimension of woman and mother, gives life and makes one come into contact with the unconscious.