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Eadweard Muybridge - Dirk Baumanns and the futuristic drawing
8th February 2018 - 30th April 2018

This exhibition compares 18 photographs by Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904), 30 futurist drawings devoted to movement and a wall composition of paintings and photographs assembled by Gio' Montez and by the German artist Dirk Baumanns from his performance Black Priest, as if it were its imprint and recomposition.

Topics such as the reconstruction of movement, the representation of the movement of an object in its different phases, the narrativity of the subject either photographed or drawn in relationship with its documentation and its trace, the transfiguration of the dynamic subject, are all connected in a historical sense and source of mutual, inner, re-reading of compositional methodologies and their meaning (creative, appropriative, documentary, historical-interpretative).

The relationships that the performance establishes with its documentation and this with the other elements of the exhibition (documentary, comparative, narrative) weaken the unity of the work in the iconographic, formal and historical comparison in a relational sense.

Among the works of greatest historical interest, Bozzetto costume for the ballet "Piedigrotta" 1913-15, and one of the studies for Dynamism of a Dog on a leash, by Giacomo Balla. The first was exhibited in 1917 at the Ridotto Hall of the Costanzi Theatre in Rome in the exhibition of the Leonide Massine’s collection.

While the eighteen tables of the Animal locomotion series by the English photographer range from the famous studies on the movement of horses to the compositions on sports, to other more intimate and articulated ones devoted to daily gestures.