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24th January 2019 - 24th April 2019

Reboot or Replay of the matching among works by Fortunato Depero and Peter Halley proposed in the Turin exhibition of 2014, suggested by Halley himself.
The geometric structures of Peter Halley, the abstractionism defined as "animal" by the same Depero, in 1915-1916, and his robot characters or “products” of the 1920s, define in this comparison a humanity confined in the geometric simplification of the subject. A simplification, however, of circulating, advertising and stunning energy.
Futurist anthropomorphism, derived from the poetics of the man-machine relationship, meant as alienation, and the simulation of the American conceptual pop of the Eighties, are the two connatural categories of  the pop aesthetics, which extend the level of the comparison to the problems of Japanese neo-pop during the Nineties. In the background, the canonical theme of the American pop art in the Sixties, seriality, expanded in the futurist anticipation of the Twenties and in the differentiated repetition of the Eighties.
Cell, commodity, seriality, humanity: four key-words that combined in different ways amazingly interpret the two painters’ work as variations. They move from Depero to Halley in a more abstract key, and in opposite direction, as in a sort of expansion of their meaning.
In addition to the essays by G. Carpi and G. Menolascina, the curators of the exhibition, the catalogue includes an intervention by Maurizio Scudiero, the first expert on the work of Fortunato Depero.